2. Earn for the Future with Investment Apps

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Even though you might be hoping for some more cash right now, planning for the future is one of the finest choices you can make.

There are some fantastic investing applications available that can assist you in earning money from your phone right now while also increasing your savings for the future. Such apps are

  • Acorns
  • Robinhood
  • Betterment

The app allows you to define goals and then design an investment strategy that will help you achieve those objectives.

The main advantages of these platforms are:

  • Usually, you don’t have to pay fees for trading stocks;
  • Open an account without any deposit at all;
  • Easy learning about basic investing;
  • Convenient for using as well as investing.

Usual Requirements

  • You have to be 18+;

Some of the apps like Robinhood, allow you to invest as little as $1 instead of purchasing a complete share. However, ensure to read the terms and requirements of the chosen app before starting to invest.

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