1. Social Media Marketer

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Social media marketers are marketing professionals who use social media networks for advertising a business’ products or services. However, you can become professional by just listening to some podcasts, tutorials, and courses where you can gain knowledge.

This is because many companies frequently make use of platforms and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to communicate with existing clients, attract new ones, and promote brand-new products and services. Thus, they are often in need of people that will do such a job. 

If you are good at using social media platforms and websites, then this job is for you! 

As a social media marketer, you should have a website tailored to all SEO guidelines so you can rank as high as possible on Google. 

Another thing you will do as a marketer is creating profiles on social media platforms where you will advertise the product or service. By leading social channels, you will communicate with current clients and aim to attract new ones. 

The biggest benefits of being a social media marketer is:

  • Do your job from anywhere;
  • No special education is required;
  • Social media marketers are in high demand;
  • Great for boosting your own brand, product, or service;
  • Can help you to increase conversion for your brand or product;
  • If you already have a successful Facebook page or Instagram account, that could be a plus in your resume when looking for this job profile. 

Aside from mentioned advantages, with this job, you will always have room to improve and grow since it is the inevitable job of the marketing industry!

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