2. Make your Own Online Course

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Do you have a special skill that you are really good at? If the answer is yes, then making your own course is an incredible way of earning money and becoming your passive income!

For instance, if you are good at writing or designing of any kind, make a course out of it. You will need good lighting, a camera, and a good microphone. Develop the courses, divide them into short clips, edit them, and sell them.

Even though the initial investment requires many hard hours of work, once your course is finished, all you need to do is effectively sell it. And the best thing is that you can sell the same course over and over again on different platforms. 

Although it can be more difficult than you might imagine, it’s never been simpler to earn money online with online courses, thanks to platforms like 

  • Teachable
  • ConvertKit

Once you have everything prepared, you can upload and sell them on platforms like:

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Kajabi

For example, if you are a teacher or professor, you can easily take courses in your field. Ensure to make it interesting and easy to learn, just like you would in one-on-one classes. 

Benefits of having your own online course

  • This is a great way to generate passive income;
  • Shoot courses at your own home, no special place is required;
  • Don’t need special equipment. If you have a good mobile device, you can shoot the course with it as well;
  • You will have great flexibility since the shooting will depend only on you;
  • Creating online courses is very cheap and requires minimal skills to edit it;
  • There are many topics to cover, so you can easily find one that is compatible with your expertise.

This job can easily become your full-time job, especially if the field you are working in is always growing and there’s always room for improvement. Ensure to make your course easy to understand, and learn, give practical examples, and even provide necessary documents or tools to your students. This will make your course much more valuable and it will justify its price.

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