1. Become a Member of the TikTok Creator Fund

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Before you try to apply to become the TikTok creator fund, remember to fill up the above conditions. Aside from that, your account must be in good standing and follow all community rules and best practices for the platform.

What is TikTokCreato Fund? The app officially created the TikTok Creator Fund to pay content creators for their work. This nest egg is intended to “thank” users for their “amazing TikTok videos and inventiveness,” according to the company itself.

TikTok’s Creator Fund revenue varies from user to user and is determined by factors such as 

  • Your audience size; 
  • User engagement quality;
  • The frequency of your posts.

The biggest pro is that you can access all of the app’s audio clips, including trending sound bytes, popular songs, and other audio clips. Creators and influencers can use pre-existing sound clips or make their own.
The biggest con is that if you already have a following, the Creator Fund is a fantastic idea, but it can be highly restricted, and consistent income is not always guaranteed.

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