2. Partner Up

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Partnering up means finding partners or so-called brands to make sponsored content. TikTok defines sponsored content as something for which you receive anything of value, either money or products, which is the ultimate goal!

For instance, you can be paid by a company to record a TikTok video praising the super-effective skincare routine, or you might receive a free local vacation in exchange for your post.

However, we don’t recommend accepting every offered partnership. Choose your parents wisely because your followers will trust your words and recommendation, and if you happen to fail them even once, there is a big chance of losing followers. 

Also, your followers will leave you if suddenly you start posting about just one product or service and you mention them in every video and post aside from your previous content that might not be relevant to the sponsored one.

This is not only unclear, but it also gives the impression that you are a sellout. To ensure consistency, make sure your sponsored content is consistent with your other content.

The biggest pro is that the brand will increase its awareness, while you can gain more trustful followers and expand your audience, getting free products/services or money. Of course, the collaboration will bring much more memorable and engaging content. 

The biggest con is that usually, the biggest TikTok base is between 10 and 29 years old. This indicates that the target market for your brand will be very small. Due to this, Tiktok is now an unprofitable platform for goods that are marketed to an older customer base.

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